What is a block?

Time blocks are simply a group of time logs. They are easily recognizable because a color must be allocate to each of them.

How to create a block?

There is 2 ways to create a block:

  • Either in header, click on the block icon
  • Either when choosing a block on any log.

Then you only have to fill in the form with:

Set an expiry date

You can set an expiry date on a time block, so that after a certain date no one can associated time log to a block. This can be very handy if you need to create time blocks per period. For example, your client pays you for 20 hours that are valid for 3 months. The time block can reflect theses 20 hours valid for 3 months.

Set a maximum time allowed

You can set a maximum allowed for a time block, so you can track progress and use of a time block.

Disable Time blocks

You can be enable / disable the time block feature at the project level. Please note that to enable time block, you would need first to enable time logs on your project.

Who can create blocks?

Any participant which has been granted the permissions to do so.

Read more about the various permissions