How to create a time based invoice?

  • Go to the "time logs" section
  • Customise the report that you would like by using the top filters (dates, tags, groups, etc..)
  • Once your report is ready, click on the lightning icon at the right of the grand total.
  • Select "Create an invoice"
  • Enter your invoice details (Step 1 & 2)
  • At step 3, select "Time logs" so you can import them into the invoice.
  • At step 4, you would need to define:
  • If you want to group timelogs, and if yes, by either tasks, groups or month.
  • The cost of log time either by minute or hour.
  • line item prefix.

How to create a simple invoice?

You can create an invoice with any line items that you wish.

  • Go to "Invoices" from the top bar
  • Click on "Create an invoice"

If you wanted to build an invoice based on timelogs, you would first need to go to the time report.

How to create an invoice based on timelogs

Who can access my invoices ?

Only you can access your invoices, no one else.

Where to record my invoicing details?

It can be a pain to enter all the invoicing details (name, address, bank account, etc..) each time you create an invoice.

So, to avoid this pain, jikan will search for the latest invoicing details entered each time you create a new invoice.

In short, you'll have to create an invoie once and you're done. Obviously, you can still change them at time of invoicing.

In case you messed up your details, you can always import the last entry of the latest invoice created.