Does guest needs to pay?

No, all invited participants to your project can work on your project for FREE regardless of the permissions given.

How pricing works?

When purchasing a plan, 100% of payment must be settle on the day of order. Once payment is received, your subscription will be updated automatically to the new plan.

As for archived projects, you can have as much as you want at no extra cost.

Let's look at a possible scenario:

01st of Jan 2020

You purchase the "Basic" plan @ 4 USD / month, so you pay 48 USD. You are now on the "Basic" plan which will be valid up to the 01st of Jan 2021. You can now have 2 active projects.

01st July 2020

As you get more and more work, you would need to manage more than 2 projects at the same time, you therefore decide to upgrade your subscription to the "Pro" plan that give you access to 8 active projects.

The "Pro" plan costs 9 USD /month, so you'll have to pay: 108 USD for 1 year.

However since you have not used 6 months of your "Basic" plan, you'll get a refund for those 6 months, so 4 USD month for 6 months makes 24 USD of refund. You'll then have to pay a total of 108 - 24 = 84 USD for your subscription to upgrade. The renewal date will no longer be the 01st of Jan 2021 but the 01st of July 2021.

All purchases are subject to our terms of service.

How to renew?

Renewal can be done during the last 30 days of your subscription.

During renewal you can decide to upgrade, downgrade or keep the same plan. Once payment is made for the renewal, at expiration date you'll automatically be switched to your selected plan.

The renewal date will be pushed to 1 year.

How to stop my subscription?

In case, you would like to stop your subscription, you have nothing to do, just let your subscription die.

At the date of expiration, your account will automatically be switched to the Free plan.

What is your refund policy?

Refunds are granted within 7-days of purchase. Refund must be requested via the ticket system.

What is the cost to keep archived projects?

ZERO, you can keep as much archived projects as you want for no extra cost, even if you have no subscription.

You can restore a project at any given time, if your subscription allows you to.

What happen when my subscription expire?

You'll automatically be switched to the free plan, then all except 1 of your active projects will be archived automatically as soon as your subcription is expired

Do you offer trial version?

No, but you can create an account on Free plan and discover jikan. The "Free" plan will allow you to test Jikan for 1 project.

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Where to get subscription invoices?

Go to "Account" > The click on "History": you'll see all your history subscriptions with jikan. Then for each renewal you can download the invoice.

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