Documentation / Tags

What are the intended use of tags?

Each task can have one or more tags attach to it.

The aim of tags is to be able to group tasks. For example, you could have multiple tasks relative to 'accounts' and it could be usefull for a participant to see all tasks related to this subject only.

Below the search filter on top, you'll see all the available tags, just click on one of them to filter all tasks of that tag.

Also, you can select multiple tags, for example, if you select tag "Account" & tag "Admin", you will see all tasks that have the tag "Account" OR tag "Admin".

How many tags can be assign to one task?

As much as you want, however we advise to have not more than 2, as the reading of the task will become difficult.

How can I detach a tag from a task?

On the task, you wish to detach a tag, simply click on the tag and it will be detached from the task.

How can you delete a tag?

On the task page, below the filter you'll see all available tags.

When you mouse over the tag label:

  • If it turns red: this means that there is no tasks attached to this tag, you can therefore delete this tag by clicking on it.

  • If it does not turn red, this means that there are tasks still attached to it. Simply filter all tasks of this tag and for each task detach the tag you wish to delete.