What is a tag?

A tag is a label attached to either a task or a timelog. The aim of the tag is to attached a category to either the task or the time log. On each project, you can create as many tags as you want.

For example:

  • The task "Create receipt" could have the tag "accounting" attached to it, since creating a receipt is an accounting work.
  • The time log "Preparing Quote" could have the tag "sales" attached to it, but could also have the tag "accounting" attached to it, because preparing a quote could be considered both an "accounting" and a "sales" work.

Each task and time log can have one or more tags attached to it. In Jikan, all tags start with a hashtag "#". We could compare a tag like a hashtag on Twitter.

What are the intended use of tags?

The aim of tags is to be able to group items(tasks and timelogs). For example, you could have multiple time logs relative to 'accounting' and it could be usefull for a participant to see all time logs related to accounting only.

How to filter by tags?

Timelogs : In the time log section, you'll see on the top, all the available tags to filter the logs.

Tasks : In the task section, you'll see next to the search input, you'll see all the tags filters.

How many tags can be attached ?

You can attached as many tags as you want, however we advise to have not more than 2, as the reading will become difficult.

How can I attach/detach a tag from a task?

  • Open the task details
  • Select the "tags" tab
  • Click to attach/detach tags

How can I attach/detach a tag from a time log?

  • Open the time log details
  • Click on the available tags to attach/detach them.

How can you delete a tag?

  • Once in a project, click on the tag icon in the top bar
  • Once the desired tag, click on the details icon , a prompt will appear
  • Click on "Delete"