Complete / Re-active task

As you would expect, each task can be completed or re-activated.

  • Just open the task details (by clicking on the icon.)
  • Click on the "Complete" button

Each time a task is completed, we store who completed the task and when.

Set an assignee per task

You can easily set an assignee for each task. This feature is enabled only for projects that have participants. This option can be enable / disable anytime at the project level.

Prioritize task

Task can be easily prioritize by dragging & dropping task verticaly. The most important tasks are on top.

Assign time budget per task

On each task you can set a time budget, so that participant can have an estimate of the work expected. This feature can be enable/disable at the project level.

Assign tags per task

You can easily assign / remove tags per task, so it allow you to group tasks easily.

Filter tasks

On the tasks management page, any participant can easily filter task per:

  • Responsible
  • Time groups
  • Task description
  • Tags

How to delete a task?

Only task with no time logs can be deleted. If you want to delete a task with time logs, first delete the logs.

  • Open the task details
  • Click on "Delete task"