Who can invite participant to a project?

Only the project owner can invite participants to a project.

What are the different permissions for a participant?

Here are the various permissions that can only be set by the owner

Tasks permissions

  • Create: Enable the participant to create, update, complete, and delete his/her tasks created.
  • Update: Enable the participant to update and delete any tasks.
  • Assign: Enable the participant to set an assignee per task.
  • Complete: Enable the participant to complete or reactivate any task.
  • Order: Enable the participant to reorder priorities of tasks.
  • Manage Tags: Enable the participant to create, delete, and attach tags.

Time permissions

  • Log time: Enable the participant to log time on any tasks, or update and delete his/her log created.
  • Manage logs: Enable the participant to update & delete any time log.
  • Manage Groups: Enable the participant to create, edit, archive, and delete any time group.

Please note that a participant can have different permissions in other projects.

Here is an example of permissions of a demo project.

Who can change the permissions of a participant?

Only the owner can change the permissions of any participant.

Who can remove a participant from a project?

A participant can be removed from a project in 2 ways:

  • Either the project owner decides to remove him
  • Either the participant deactivated his jikan account, however his time logs will remain.

Who can see emails of the participants?

Only the project owner, can see the email & name of all participants. The other participants can only see the name & the permissions of everyone on the project.

This is usefull when you need to report to a client but you do not want the client to contact directly participants (to hire them for example).