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Sometimes you may want to log time worked but want to publish it later.

Sometimes you may want to log time worked but want to publish it later.

All drafts will be visible from your dashboard.

In Jikan, you can store time logs as drafts, and these drafts can be published at a later stage.

What is the benefit of storing timelogs as "drafts"?

1. Much quicker

When you want to log time the "classic" way, you should:

  • Login to Jikan
  • Select the project from your dashboard.
  • Choose either the group or the task you want to associate your timelog with.
  • Finally enter the log information: duration, date & time of the log, a note (if any) & tags associated(if any).
  • All these steps are necessary to build detailled reports.

However for someone in a rush, typing a draft is much quicker: No project to select, no group or task to choose. Just type a note & a duration and you are done. Your time log draft is saved.

Then later, you can add all the details to your draft: projects, task, tags, groups, etc...

So, if you are in a rush, it is much quicker to log time as a draft.

All your drafts will appear on your dashboard just after logging in.

2: Privacy

As you might know, one of the core features of Jikan is to build detailed time report that your client can access via a link.

Any report that is accessed via a link gets updated as you add more time logs. However, draft logs will not appear (and are therefore not counted) in any report until you decide to publish your drafts.

There can be cases when you do not want your client/manager to see your time logs as. For example, you are not sure how to phrase the note associated with the log, and therefore you prefer to keep the log as draft so you can review it later.

Finally, if you don’t want time reports to be updated real time, then you must not share the time report via a link; instead, download the report in pdf and email it to your client/manager.

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