Send reports

Email your customised report links to any team members.

You can send any time report to any participant easily by email.

You can send any time report to any participant easily by email.

When working on the same project with other collaborators, we often need to report how much time was spent on a specific part of the project.

What is the benefit of sending email links to collaborators?

As Jikan is a very flexible tool to produce fine-grained time reports, it’s important to allow users to share reports they have produced with any participants.

Let's look at an example...

You need to email a time report that shows in detail how much time was spent on a specific project, between 2 dates for 3 specific participants, and for 2 types of work, within a specific retainer package.

At first glance, this report can appear to be quite cumbersome to build; but with Jikan, this can be produced very easily by using the various filters available (Date range, tags, participants, etc...).

However, when other participants have to build the exact same report, will they choose the exact same filters?

As can be seen, the more complex a report is, the more chances there are of obtaining different results. That's why the sharing of a report allows the participants receiving it to see the exact same filters that were selected by the sender. There is then no possible risk of misunderstanding.

How to send a customised report link?

  • Go to your project.
  • Make sure you are in the time logs section.
  • Finetune your time report as you wish by using the filters: tags, participants, time range, etc...
  • When you are done, next to the Grand Total, you'll see the button "Email this report", click on it.
  • A prompt opens where you can select the various recipients to whom the emails containing the report link will be sent.