Detailed logs

Track who does what, when, and for how long.

Screenshot of time logs in Jikan

Screenshot of time logs in Jikan

Jikan allows multiple participants on a project to log time with details easily.

How to

For each task, you can see the total time logged vs the task time budget.

If you click on the total time logged on a task row, you'll see the list of all the time logs with the following details for each log:

  • Who logged time
  • Date and time the log was added
  • The duration of the log
  • The work done for that log (optional)
  • Which groups the time logs belong to (optional)
  • Which tasks the time logs belong to (optional)
  • Which tags the time logs belong to (optional)

Users can quickly add, edit, or delete logs for each task.

A Case study

The situation

WeTranslate, a translation company, works mainly with freelance translators around the world. The challenge it faces is to track the time worked, and to pay the freelancers accordingly.

In order to do so, each freelance translator sends an Excel sheet of the time worked, together with the relevant invoice at the end of each month. So far so good…

The issue

By now, the company is growing fast, and they need to connect with an increasing number of freelancers. As a result of this development, it is becoming more and more difficult for the WeTranslate to manage the growing number of freelancers, excel sheets, and their invoices.

Inside its accounts department things are going crazy, as they struggle to keep up. Even worse, after some time, the Excel sheets sent by the freelance translators are no longer even checked as it’s become too time-consuming.

The solution

At Jikan, we solve this issue by offering a centralised platform where all freelance translators can collaborate at no extra cost to WeTranslate. They can now see, in one place all the work done by their freelancers without having to search in separate spreadsheets. An added feature is that translators no longer need to send their invoices anymore, since WeTranslate has the full details of the time worked by each freelancer on each project.

Now, WeTranslate can continue its growth with complete peace of mind!