Group timelogs the way you want with tags.

Filters allow you to customise your time report

When logging time, you can assign as much tags as you wish.

Let's look at some scenarios where tags would be usefull with time logs.

1. When time blocks is enough

The main purpose of time blocks is to track time differently. The typical use case for a time block would be a retainer package where you would need to show to your client how much time was spent on a specific package/invoice. However, sometime, you may need to report from another pespective. For example, even though the client knows the details consumption of a specific time block but the client would like to know how much time was spent in "meetings" for example. This is when tags comes handy. You would just need to :

  • Create a tag named "meetings"
  • Attach this tag to all relevant time logs.

Then later you could report on this tag and get total using the time logs section

Participant filters in the time logs section.
Filters to filter per participant.