Timezone ready

You see all time logs according to your current time zone. This is practical if team members are in different timezones.

Profile form to update your timezone

You can easily change your time zone, go to Account > Profile.

Let's look at a real case scenario

The issue

CodingChampion is a UK company that develops websites and software for its local market. Most of its developers are spread all over the globe: San José (USA), Mumbai (India), Amsterdam (Netherlands), and Kiev (Ukraine). So, none of them is operating in the same time zone.

It doesn’t matter what time zone each developer works in, but for the manager who needs to report to his client in the UK, it can quickly become a nightmare. With the client being based in London, the manager then needs to convert the date & time logged by each developer to UK time; so, for each time zone, the following adjustment is required:

  • Mumbai: 4:30 would need to be removed
  • San José: 8:00 would need to be added
  • Amsterdam: 1:00 would need to be removed
  • Kiev: 2:00 would need to be removed

And, this would need to be done for each of time log...

What a pain!

The solution

Thanks to Jikan, each project participant sets his time zone on his profile, and all time logs are adjusted automatically.

So, all the manual time adjustments mentioned above are automatically made by Jikan. And, the manager can be at rest.

But even better...

What happens when a developer travels to a different time zone?

Once again, Jikan will detect that the time zone set under his profile does not match the time zone of that current location. A prompt will then appear on the dashboard enabling him to update his profile accordingly.

Alert on your dashboard when your timezone seems wrong.

How to update your time zone?

  • Once logged in
  • Click on your initials on the top right of the screen
  • Select "Account"
  • You should then see the profile form
  • Simply change the time zone
  • Click on "Update" and you are done!