Find the history of all the Jikan updates

Dec 2022
Invoice feature optional
You can now enable or disable the invoice feature per project.
Nov 2022
Date shortcuts for timelog filters
You can now click on short cuts to select predefined periods when filtering timelogs: last 15 days, last month, etc.
Oct 2022
Url in task are turned into links
When typing a url in a task, the url will be turned into a link work after you've created the task.
Sep 2022
Url in comment are turned into links
When typing a url in a comment, the url will be turned into a link work after you've created the comment.
Aug 2022
Url in timelog are turned into links
When typing a url in a timelog note, the url will be turned into a link work after you've created the timelog.
Jul 2022
Rich text task
When writing a task you can now have some rich text( bold, italic, break return, etc).
Jun 2022
Rich text timelog
When writing a timelog you can now have some rich text( bold, italic, break return, etc).
May 2022
Rich text comment
When writing a comment you can now have some rich text( bold, italic, break return, etc).
Apr 2022
Time logs design simplified
We have redesign the timelogs to make it clearer.
Mar 2022
Block creation on the fly
When creating a timelog, it is possible that you need to create a block on the fly (without leaving the timelog form), it is now possible.
Feb 2022
One click to change date
Before when changing a date, you also had to define a time. Now, we have separate the date and the time. So that you can change date with 2 click only.
Jan 2022
Duration selector re-designed
The duration picker has been completely redesigned so that a user can select a duration much faster than before.
Dec 2021
Animations made more efficient
We have streamline the animation so you do not experience any lag.
Nov 2021
Report filters revisited
All the filters are now in the side panel giving a better experience for the user.
Oct 2021
Button to create time log on report page
We've added a button to create a timelog at the top of the timelogs page, before you could only create a timelog either from a block, tag, task or user report.
Sep 2021
Page title added all app page
To make navigation clearer, you now see the title of the page on the top left.
Aug 2021
Upgrade of front for boost perfomance
We have upgraded the framework we used to the latest possible version (Vue 3).
Jul 2021
Block assistance
If no time block exists for a project, we detect it and recommend to create one, so that reporting time becomes easier.
Jun 2021
Project favorite
You can now mark a project as favorite.
May 2021
Design enhanced
We have work hard to deliver a better design
Apr 2021
Timelogs' comments
Each timelog can now receive multiple comments.
Mar 2021
Tasks' comments
Notes can be attached to tasks.
Feb 2021
Project order enhanced
You can now order projects per task assigned or alphabetically.
Jan 2021
Better design
The new design shows a clear distinction between a timelog and a task.
Dec 2020
Hide archived project
Archived projects are hidden by default on any project list to clear up the list. You can show them at any time.
Nov 2020
Print Time Report
Report can be printed in PDF.
Oct 2020
Time report sharing
A participant can share a report to anyone by creating a unique and private link.
Sep 2020
Time based invoicing
User can now transfer time of any report into an invoice
Aug 2020
Invoice builder
An invoice builder has been added allowing any user to create invoice from scratch.
Jul 2020
Time Report > Ordering of timelogs
When building a time report, logs can now be ordered by note, date or duration.
Jun 2020
Time log reporting
Time reports can be created based on any block of timelogs.
May 2020
Movable task
To set the order of importance per task, project owner can now move task up & down according to its priority using the drag & drop feature.
Apr 2020
Performance push
Lots of work was done behind the curtain to make the app more efficiant and fast.
Mar 2020
Tags for tasks
Tasks can be block by tags.
Feb 2020
Live updated
When a participant logs time, the changes is immediatly reflected to all logged in user immediatly.
Jan 2020
Each user can define his time zone, so when another participant in another time zone will see the logs according to his time zone.
Dec 2019
Task search
Task can be filter by description.
Nov 2019
Task filter by participant
Task can be filtered for a specific assignee.
Oct 2019
Task assignee
A task creator can assign any participant to a task.
Sep 2019
Duplication of project
A project owner can duplicate any of his project. he can therefore have some "templates" projects.
Aug 2019
Allow importing of project
If a project has been downloaded into a json format, it can be imported at a later stage.
Jul 2019
Duration shortcut
When choosing a duration for a log, instead of scrolling, users can now choose amoung some of the most frequent durations (ex: 1h00).
Jun 2019
Default log duration
Once a log has been added, the next log will have the same duration by default.
May 2019
Live recording log
A stopwatch has been added to allow users to live record time log.
Apr 2019
Draft time log
Users in a rush can create draft timelog for later publication.
Mar 2019
Tags for timelogs
Tags can be attached to timelogs. therefore time logs can be reported by tags.
Feb 2019
Project can be downloaded
Project owner can download the project in a json or Excel format for backup purposes, for example.
Jan 2019
Participant permissions.
Project owner can fine tune each participant's permissions.
Dec 2018
Mobile Friendly
User on mobile can now use Jikan.
Nov 2018
Project owner can invite participant to log time for free on their project.
Oct 2018
Archiving project
A project can be archived and will not be counted for billing.
Sep 2018
Timelogs can be attached to a block.
Aug 2018
Timelog can be attached to a task
Jun 2018
First beta version
Time can be logged and attached to project.
May 2018
First line of code
While we had to report time worked on client, we realised that using Excel was limiting..