What is an archived project?

At any point in time, you may decide to archive a project.

Once a project is archived:

  • No one will be able to change anything on that project.
  • All the report link will no longer be available. (Read more about report link)
Archive project button

Can I create project templates?

Yes, you can create your own project templates.

First, create your template by creating a project, then you can either:

  • Downloading a backup of the project created and import it later when you need.
  • Duplicating the project template.

Backup a project?

You can easily download a backup file of any project you've created. You could even use this backup file as a project template as well.

Once the backup file is downloaded, you could at a later stage create a new project and import all the tasks, timelogs, groups, tags & comments of this project.

Read more about project importing

Import a project?

Jikan enables you to import project that you have first backed up.

All tasks, timelogs, groups, tags & comments will be imported onto the new project.

However, note that:

  • All participants (except you) will be set on "inactive". If you want to make them active, you would need to invite each one of them.
  • The project will be set on "Archived" by default.

Read more about inviting a participant

Duplicate a project?

With Jikan, you can duplicate active projects, so you could have a group of project called "templates" where you would keep all your project templates.

Please note that when duplicating a project:

  • All tasks will be copied
  • All completed tasks will be set to active
  • The order of tasks will be kept from original and uncompleted task from original project will be ordered first.
  • Task time budget will be kept

Then will be removed:

  • Task assignee
  • All participants
  • All time logs
  • All groups
  • All files

Finally, only active project can be duplicated.

Delete project?

You can delete a project but for security purposes:

  • The project must be archived first to request its deletion
  • Only the owner can request deletion of a project
  • The owner can allow participants to be able to download a backup of the project.

After the owner request the deletion:

  • The project will still be accessible for 30 days.
  • An email is sent to inform all participants that the project wil be soon deleted

After 30 days, the project and all its related informations (tasks, time logs, groups & tags) will be deleted forever.

Transfer project

Project owner can transfer the ownership of the project to any of the participants of the project.

Here are the consequences:

  • Owner will become a participant on the project.
  • Once the transfer is initiated, the project will be set on archived automatically.
  • Only the new owner will be able to re-activated the project if his/her subscriptions allows him to.
  • An email will be sent to the new owner to inform him/her about the new project he/she just owned.